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EUPOP 2103: A brief (Twitter) recap

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Last month, I attended the second annual conference of the European Popular Culture Association (EPCA) in Turku, Finland. The conference itself was brilliant - inspiring in the best possible way that academic conferences can be. Finland itself is excellent and I wholeheartedly recommend a visit!

I am working on a more detailed reflection of the conference, drawn from my notes, and am planning on posting about my own paper in due course. However, for now, here's the three days of the conference condensed into tweets that I made during the conference using the hashtag #EUPOP2013. Start at the bottom for chronological tweeting or find me on Twitter (@Cleopes).

  • Now it's the final keynote by Erkki Huhtamo, a lecture/performance on/with magic lanterns. Looking forward to this! #EUPOP2013
  • Baumann outlining the male gaze in early Schwarzer films and O'Donnell discussing Skyfall and M as M(other) using Klein. Awesome. #EUPOP2013
  • Final panel session of the conference! Chaired by myself, with brilliant papers from Chris Baumann and Ruth O'Donnell #EUPOP2013
  • Devil *Girl* From Mars. Oops. #EUPOP2013
  • He showed us amazing trailers for Cat Women of the Moon (they've been without men for centuries!) and Devil Woman from Mars #EUPOP2013
  • And, finally, Kimmo Ahonen, talking about British/American interaction in 50s sci-fi movies #EUPOP2013
  • A really interesting analysis of dimensions of violence (direct-structural-cultural) between local authorities and immigrants #EUPOP2013
  • Third paper by Laura Saloluoma on immigrants and inter-cultural violence in Africa Paradis (2006) and Children of Men (2006) #EUPOP2013
  • Merivirta focusing on Neil Jordan's 1996 biopic, esp. the production processes #EUPOP2013
  • Second paper is Raita Merivirta on Michael Collins (1890-1922) on screen #EUPOP2013
  • Liong offering a really nice comparison of 300 and Red Cliff #EUPOP2013
  • Now in penultimate panel on film and history. First is Mario Liong on masculinity in Hollywood vs. Chinese historical films #EUPOP2013
  • Two fab papers also presented by Chuckie Patel on A Song of Ice and Fire and Anna Arrowsmith on male attitudes to female beauty #EUPOP2013
  • Final day of #EUPOP2013. Gave my own paper this morning, on performing masculinity and ethnicity in sheikh romance. Illustrated with Fabio.
  • And the other paper is by François Demonty on cultural practices and legitimizing their role in everyday life #EUPOP2013
  • Final panel of the day is about the vernacular in pop culture. First paper by Joe Trotta on non-standard English. Fo shizzle #EUPOP2013
  • Amazing panel on love and romance - thanks to all four speakers for a brilliant discussion! #EUPOP2013
  • Final paper is Lucy Dearn who asks how young people learn about love, gender and relationships through pop music #EUPOP2013
  • Heiss uses Lacan to read Cornick and open up the idea that romantic love cannot overcome all differences #EUPOP2013
  • Third paper is Karin Heiss on overcoming difference in Nicola Cornick's Regency romances #EUPOP2013
  • Combrink is brilliantly outlining our desire for romantic experience, using aesthetic of Paris (most romantic city) as example #EUPOP2013
  • Extra chairs have been brought in for the next paper, on aesthetics in romantic experience, by Naomí Combrink #EUPOP2013
  • First is Anett Holzheid talking about romance and postcards in early 20th century, showing some amazing images #EUPOP2013
  • And it's a full house! RT @angoris: “Time for the love and romance in pop culture, organised by @Cleopes and @angoris #EUPOP2013”!
  • Time for the love and romance in pop culture, organised by yours truly and @angoris #EUPOP2013
  • Red-handed indeed RT @RedScareBot: Caught redhanded RT @cleopes Final paper on 'growing up girl' in post-communist Hungary #EUPOP2013
  • Lustyik is looking at TV, mainly the Disney channel, and its role in girls' identity building #EUPOP2013
  • Final paper on 'growing up girl' in post-communist Hungary by Katalin Lustyik #EUPOP2013
  • Second paper is by Aino Tormulainen on girl power and role models for girls in Finnish pop culture #EUPOP2013
  • This paper is fascinating, although it is very strange to see images of Goody again. A complex social identity #EUPOP2013
  • Hanna is focusing on Goody's autobiographies, and her transformation from 'chav' to celebrity. #EUPOP2013
  • Following an excellent lunch, a panel on girls, class and celebrity, beginning with Hanna Kyllönen on Jade Goody #EUPOP2013
  • If you're interested, @hannusalmi is also tweeting #EUPOP2013 and is probably doing a better job of not singing along to clips.
  • Musicologists show the best clips. Forcibly restraining myself from singing along. #EUPOP2013
  • A clip of Hendrix talking about the Electric Church: touching souls through electricity, attributing religion to emerging culture #EUPOP2013
  • Perhaps a little early in the morning for this much talk of LSD, but hell, it's fascinating! Tripping as a religious experience #EUPOP2013
  • He begins with an anecdote about WOMAD and a hand-out of excellent lyrics, including Joni Mitchell, Beth Orton and Hendrix #EUPOP2013
  • Good morning! It's another day at #EUPOP2013, which starts with a keynote from Russell Reising on spirituality in psychedelic music.
  • From Nazis to M.I.A's Bad Girls, feat. Saudi driving subculture, via Orientalism and bad Arabs. A new popular totalitarianism? #EUPOP2013
  • We are now talking about and looking at photos of shirtless Putin doing manly activities. Such as riding eagles. Best conf EVER #EUPOP2013
  • And I've just chaired a brilliant panel with papers on queer Czech tv, Beryl Reid, and gendered technology in pop music #EUPOP2013
  • #EUPOP2013 continues with a roundtable on totalitarian aesthetics in pop culture. Lots more Nazi talk.
  • Including Dead Snow, which has the amazing tagline: Eins, Zwei, Die! I want to watch all of these films now. #EUPOP2013
  • Off to a flying start with a keynote from Eva Kingsepp on Nazi zombies and space Nazis. With amazingly awful film clips. #EUPOP2013
  • At #EUPOP2013 in Finland! Ready for three days of academic pop culture.

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