Thursday, August 6, 2015

Learning and teaching round-up

 I've been involved in a few projects relating to teaching and learning recently and I thought it would be nice to round these up in a quick pedagogy-related post.

First up is a blog post I wrote on my experiences of recording verbal feedback for students on a Masters course. This was a bit of an experiment and I was surprised how much students liked it (so much so that they nominated me for an award!). This post describes why I chose to give feedback in this way, and what was good and not so good about it.

I was also involved with a project led by my colleague Ellen Spaeth (read her blog here and follow her on Twitter @ellenspaeth) who made a series of short videos of lecturers from Edinburgh talking about their teaching philosophy. In my video I talk about how I try to focus on what students do in the classroom, thinking about students as active participants, about varying teaching methods and approaches (because all students are different), and about how my approach to teaching has changed over time.

I've also blogged right here about my thoughts on threshold concepts (or the student as vampire) and about teaching research skills and methods.

The image is a woodcut from the title page of Wenceslaus Brack's Vocabularius rerum (1487) and depicts a teacher and two students.

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